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Our story about Russian beauty, professional buyer

-- by tiffany

Today, we want to share a story about our professional client Tani from Russia.

Tani has lived in China for seven years and is very fluent in Chinese. Why do we say she is a professional buyer? Before we show our products, she can pick out all our high - quality hot products from the exhibition hall and know the workmanship and fabric quality.

For example, we have a wonderful sublimation windbreaker. Even if the fabric contains Teflon , the prints are bright and not degummed.This is very rare.

Besides, we have polyester material but it feels like cotton for yoga wear.With function of dry fit, moisture wicking and breathable.

Tani marveled at a lot products. It is my pleasure that cooperate with her.Two days later, Tani and colleagues visited our factory again to discuss further cooperation.


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