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Australian customer’s visit

---by kelly

Today we want to share the visit of our customers Rob, Shelly and Liz from Australia.

Walter and Jenny take them to our sublimation room. And introduce them our printers, sublimation machines, ink and so on.

We show the samples we made for them, they have a highly praise of our workmanship. After review the sample, they told us that they will send us a latest sample for our reference for the new workmanship after they go back to Australia. We show them two kinds of fabric, with the comparison, they know the performance of the fabric we use, breathable and moisture wicking.

Also when Rob visit our sample room, he showed his great interest in our windbreaker and softshell jackets. Our General Manager Walter explain the fabric of the windbreaker, with Teflon , the prints are bright and not degummed. And the softshell jackets with TPU inside. The surface can absorbed the water, but the inner layer is waterproof. Both two are very rare, they really loved the fabric and really high praise of our workmanship.

All of them are very satisfied with our professional and is very impressed with us. Finally, they expressed their desire to have long-term cooperation with us and gave us a thumbs up.


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